Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to Analysis The Case Study of Strategic Management and Business Policy

To answer the question about the study case, you must following below instruction:

The Case:
Case 1 : Easter Lauder
Case 2: Coca-cola Company
Case 3: Amazon.com
Case 4: Hewlett Packard Corporation
Case 5: Stanwood and Resorts Worldwide, INC

Guideline Answer the case
  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Esternal Audits (Outside Firm) = Competing Profil Matrix
  4. Internal Audits (Inside Firm) = Competing Profil Matrix
  5. SWOT Strategies
  6. SPACE Matrix
  7. The Internal-External Matrix
  8. QSPM
  9. Recommendation

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NurSyahadah said...

1) vision is what the business to be come..?, Agreement on the basic vision for which the firm strives to achieve in the long run is critically important to the firm’s success.

2) Mission is what our business.– 90% of all companies have used a mission statement in the previous five years