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Bond management of malaysia

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ABF Malaysia Bond Index Fund is the first exchanged traded fund ("ETF") and is also the first indexed bond fund to be listed on the Bursa Malaysia. This fund is passively managed against the given benchmark and the returns will be expected to correspond closely to the performance of the Benchmark Index.

Now, in a single transaction, you can invest in a portfolio of government bond securities by buying ABF Malaysia Bond Index Fund. Because it’s traded on the Bursa like a stock, you have instant access to prices and trading, giving you the flexibility to buy or sell units through your remisier or broker at any time.

Diversification and immediate accessibility – available now with ABF Malaysia Bond Index Fund.

Summary Particulars
Fund Name : ABF Malaysia Bond Index Fund
Category of Fund : Fixed Income Exchange Traded Fund
Type of Fund : Income
Benchmark Index : iBoxx® ABF Malaysia Bond Index
Investment Objective : A listed bond fund that is passively managed against the Benchmark Index and the returns will be expected to correspond closely to the performance of the Benchmark Index
Investment Scope : Includes RM denominated sovereign, quasi-sovereign and supranational's debt securities, derivatives (including options and futures on Malaysian interest rates, underlying securities and/or on the Benchmark Index) and cash and cash equivalents
Investment Strategy : A passive strategy whereby the Manager aims, by way of representative sampling, to achieve a return on the Fund Assets that closely tracks the returns of the Benchmark Index
Investors’ Profile : The Fund is designed for investors who seek an "index-based" approach to investing in a portfolio of RM denominated Government and quasi-Government debt securities. Units may also be used as an asset allocation component or as a trading instrument. Whilst the Fund mainly invests in a portfolio of bonds issued by the Government and other Index Securities, the Fund itself is not guaranteed by the Government or any Government agency. Unlike most conventional unit funds and mutual funds, which are only bought and sold at closing NAV, the Units have been designed to be tradable in the secondary market on Bursa Securities on an intra-day basis, and to be created and redeemed principally in-kind in a Creation Unit and Redemption Unit or multiples thereof at the NAV calculated with respect to each Dealing Day. These in-kind creation and redemption arrangements are designed to protect ongoing investors from adverse effects on the portfolio of the Trust that could arise from frequent cash creation and redemption transactions.
Initial Authorised Fund Size : One billion (1,000,000,000) Units
Trading Board Lot Size : 100 Units
Stock Short Name : ABFMY1
Stock Code : 0800EA
Income Distribution Policy : Frequency
Semi-annually, if any
Manager : AmInvestment Services Berhad
Investment Manager : AmInvestment Management Sdn Bhd
Transaction related charges : Brokerage fee, clearing fee and stamp duty
Trustee : HSBC (Malaysia) Trustee Berhad
Benefits of Investing :
Diversification – ABF Malaysia invests in a portfolio of government bonds, giving you diversified exposure through a single transaction.
Readily available – you can buy or sell via the Bursa through your remisier or broker.
Convenience – liquid and accessible; you can trade through out the trading hours of the Bursa as the prices are quoted on the Bursa.
Affordable – you can invest for as little as 100 units.
Low fees – as an exchange traded fund, it has relatively lower management fees to unit trust funds.
Regular Income – you stand to receive regular income distributions from the Fund if any.


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