Tuesday, July 22, 2008


By Daryl R. Evans

General Characteristics of Agricultural, Industrial, and Information Age Economic Systems Re: Barter and/or Money Economies

  • Agricultural Age Economic Systems (Barter vs. Money): Barter, pre-money economy: goods and services are traded without any money being exchanged.

  • Industrial Age Economic Systems (Barter vs. Money): Money economy: rise of labor sold for wages, and services sold for money/ currency.

  • Information Age Economic Systems (Barter vs. Money): Continued money economy, as well as rise of a substantial barter economy both within nations( a counter-economy) and between nations (counter-trade).

Information/Data on Russia's Economic System (Whether Barter and/or Money Economy)

Russia is a money economy, that is in hte mist of economic problems. It has experienced inflation as high as 18% a month since Yelstin renoved price controls. The rate of inflation has dropped down to its current rate of 5%. There is a strong black market economy going on in the country, part of this is for hard currency, and part of this is a counter economy. The Russian government has also engaged in counter-trade with other independent states.

Conclusions on Russia (Whether Primarily Agricultural, Industrial, or Information Age Re: Being a Barter and/or Money Economy)

Because of the increasing barter, counter-trade and counter-economy Russia could, by the guidelines of Alvin Toffler, be considered in the information age as far as economic systems.

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