Tuesday, July 22, 2008


By Samatha Oliver

General Characteristics of Agricultural, Industrial, and Information Age Economic Systems Re: Barter and/or Money Economies

  • Agricultural Age Economic Systems (Barter vs. Money):

    Barter, pre-money economy; goods and services are traded without any money being exchanged

  • Industrial Age Economic Systems (Barter vs. Money):

    Money economy; rise of labour sold for wages, and goods and services sold for money/currecy.

  • Information Age Economic Systems (Barter vs. Money):

    Continued money economy as well as rise of a subtantial barter economy both within nations (a counter-economy) and between nations (counter trade)

Information/Data on Canada's Economic System (Whether Barter Economy or Money Economy)

Canada falls under counter trading(money economy)

Conclusions on Canada (Whether Primarily Agricultural, Industrial, or Information Age Re: Being a Barter and/or Money Economy)

Canada is in the information age. (Barter vs. Money Economy) Canada has a free-trade North American free trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and the United States. This agreement provides for the freer movement of capital and goods, more cross-national investment, and a large market for many goods from each country. Therefore, it falls under the information age.

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